Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 English Dubbed
Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 English Dubbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 English Dubbed

Into the Future Once Again Goku Black's True Identity Revealed!

With Zamasu defeated, Beerus is convinced that Future Trunks’ timeline has become peaceful once again. Although hesitant, Future Trunks decides to go back to his timeline to make sure that is the case. Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma accompany him. As soon as they arrive, they realize that nothing has changed. Future Zamasu and Goku Black learn of Goku and the others’ return. Shortly afterwards, the two groups meet. Goku Black reveals himself to be the version of Zamasu who successfully destroyed Gowasu and was apparently erased by Whis’ time powers. Goku Black had protected himself by using the Time Ring. Afterwards, he stole the body of Goku’s timeline with the wish granted by the Super Dragon Balls. Goku Black used its potential to grow stronger than Goku himself.

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